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Quick View Amber Tech DermaNERV

Amber Tech DermaNERV

Nerve Support Since 2007 DermaNERV- Nerve support for dogs & cats. Only The Best Ingredients Belong in an Amber Bottle! ✔ Aids the body to naturally calm nervousness & hyperactivity.✔ It helps maintain healthy nerve functions.✔ Enhances Brain...
Quick View Amber Tech HWF

Amber Tech HWF

$39.99 - $99.99
HWF FOR DOGSClean Heart Since 1997 HWF – Clean Heart for dogs.Ditch The Un-Natural Chemicals! ✅ Supports the blood & heart✅ Helps the body detox foreign contaminates✅ Promotes a clean and healthy cardiovascular system✅ Multi-system...
Quick View Amber Tech Radox

Amber Tech Radox

RADOXBlood Support Since 2011 Radox- A safe & effective blood support for pets. Only The Best Ingredients Belong in an Amber Bottle! ✔ Promotes building blood.✔ Helps keeps the blood clean and active.✔ Promotes strong healthy bones.✔ Supports...
Quick View Amber Tech Tumoxil

Amber Tech Tumoxil

TUMOXIL For DogsBumps Be Gone For Dogs Since 2010! TUMOXIL For Dogs- A safe & effective way to dissolve normal fatty lumps under the skin. Only The Best Ingredients Belong in an Amber Bottle! ✔ Formulated with super herbs to assist the immune...
Quick View Bentonite Clay Detox 2 oz

Bentonite Clay Detox 2 oz

Bentonite Clay provides many excellent natural healing  heath benefits for people and pets. Bentonite Clay aka montmorillonite or sodium Bentonite has powerful drawing and healing properties. Bentonite can be applied topically (compress or poultice)...
Quick View Bulb Irrigation

Bulb Irrigation

$2.00 On Sale
Excellent for aspiration of surgical sites. Also can be used to flush surgical sites. The rubber bulb is attached to a 60ml capacity. Sterile.    Can be re-sterilized.    
Quick View Chlorophyll  60 softgels

Chlorophyll 60 softgels

Internally Freshen, Deodorize and Cleanse   Benefits of Chlorophyll Concentrate: Addresses the root cause of body odor Freshens and cleanses your system from the inside out Assists digestion and restores confidence Refresh from the inside out with...
Quick View Coco Therapy Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

Coco Therapy Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

$19.99 - $36.99
#1 veterinarian-recommended virgin coconut oil for pets. The most effective virgin coconut oil for dogs, cats, & birds: for dry itchy skin, dog allergies, coconut oil for dogs ears, and more! CocoTherapy coconut oil for dogs and cats is the...
Quick View Diarrhea Geller

Diarrhea Geller

$19.99 - $84.99
Diarrhea Geller is a natural pectin based powder that will mechanically firm the stool.  It is sugar free, dextrose free, and preservative free.  It does not stop diarrhea, only firms it. For best results use in conjunction with DogZYMES Canine...
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Quick View DOGZYMES Bitter Mellon

DOGZYMES Bitter Mellon

Bitter Melon, through anecdotal evidence, has been shown to reduce blood sugar levels.   Bitter Melon interferes with glucose absorption from the intestine and prevents adrenal hormones from stimulating the liver to produce glucose, both of which...
Quick View DOGZYMES Choline 8 oz

DOGZYMES Choline 8 oz

Choline is an important nutrient for brain development, liver function and is anti-carcinogenic. Supplemental Choline has a profound effect on fatty liver syndrome due to its ability to cleanse the liver of accumulated lipids. It has been proven to...
Quick View DOGZYMES Colostrum Powder 8 oz

DOGZYMES Colostrum Powder 8 oz

Just recently, USA produced Colostrum went up in cost nearly 300% due to human market products consumption.   Dogzymes Colostrum Colostrum is a nutrient-rich fluid produced by female mammals immediately after giving birth and is loaded...
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