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Nootie Progility Skin & Coat Soft Chew Supplement 90 ct


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Nootie Progility Cheese Flavored Skin & Coat Cold Pressed Soft Chews with Icelandic Krill Oil
for Adult Dogs, 90 count
● Promotes healthy skin and fur.
● Contains Icelandic krill oil that is rich in skin and fur soothing Omega-3 fatty acids.
● Contains linoleic acid, which further promotes overall fur and skin health.
● Helps maintain normal moisture content of the skin
● These soft, cheese-flavored treats are paw-fect for dogs.
Keep your furry friend’s skin and coat looking and feeling great with Nootie Progility Cheese
Flavored Skin & Coat Soft Chews With Icelandic Krill Oil for Dogs. These soft chew
supplements contain high levels of Omega-3 fatty acids derived from Icelandic krill, which
promotes your pal’s overall skin and coat health, so it stays soft and shiny. These ingredients,
as well as the infused linoleic acid, can help your dog achieve a soft, silky, shiny, and healthy
coat! Plus, added probiotics help support digestion and immune health.