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HomeoPet Feline Purr Dental


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Dental care for cats. Feline Purr Dental is a natural product that can gently and naturally support your cat’s or kitten’s oral health. May help reduce the buildup of plaque and tartar while supporting healthy teeth and gums in cats and helping to fight bad breath.


  • Safe Ingredients. Our safe, gentle cat teeth cleaner medication is made from natural ingredients that may help maintain your pet’s oral health by reducing tartar buildup and supporting healthy teeth and gums.
  • Easy To Use Liquid Medicine. You can put the Feline Purr Dental drops directly into the mouth, in water, or dose at meal or snack time as per pack instructions.
  • Veterinary Formulated. Daniel H. Farrington and his veterinarian brother Thomas Farrington created HomeoPet to bring high-quality, safe, natural, and affordable treatments and supplements to pets and pet parents worldwide.
  • Simple, Safe & Pure with no known side effects and can be safely used long term. This oral dental-care homeopathic medicine is safe for use on cats of all ages.
  • Competition Legal – HomeoPet products are registered medicines, not performance enhancing products. Nothing in any of HomeoPet’s medicines test positive in show animals, therefore they are considered extremely safe for competition use.
  • Great Value with up to 90 doses per bottle (depending on weight).
  • HomeoPet Feline Purr Dental is a natural homeopathic medicine that can be safely used with adult cats, young cats, kittens and senior cats.

May help promote relief from the following symptoms:

  • Plaque build-up
  • Tartar
  • Bad breath


Arsenicum album 12x

(White Oxide of Arsenic)

Homeopathic arsenicum album is a dilution of the ingredient to where there is little or no arsenic remaining.

Berberis vulgaris 6x


More Commonly known as “barberry”- a shurb native to central and southern europe, northern africa, and western asia.

Calcarea carbonica 12x

(Calcium Carbonate)

A homeopathic remedy made from the middle layer of shells

Calcarea fluorata 12x

(Fluoride of Lime)

A natural occuring mineral that is found on bones, teeth enamel and body tissue

Calcarea phosphorica 12x

(Calcium Phosphate)

Can be naturally found in bone mineral and tooth enamel

Calendula officinalis 6x

(Pot Marigold)

A flowering plant in the daisy family Asteraceae. Widely naturalised farther north in Europe (as far as southern England) and elsewhere in warm temperate regions of the world.

Cinchona officinalis 6x

(Peruvian Bark)

A South American tree in the family Rubiaceae. It is native to wet montane forests in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia. Historically sought after for its medicinal value

Fragaria vesca 6x


A perennial herbaceous plant in the rose family that grows naturally throughout much of the Northern Hemisphere.

Hypericum perforatum 12x

(St. John’s Wort)

a flowering plant in the family Hypericaceae. St. John’s wort has been used in alternative medicine. Grown commercially in some regions of South East Europe

Mezereum 12x

(Spurge Olive)

a species of Daphne in the flowering plant family Thymelaeaceae, native to most of Europe and Western Asia, north to northern Scandinavia and Russia

Plantago major 6x


a species of flowering plant in the plantain family Plantaginaceae. The plant is native to most of Europe and northern and central Asia

Silicea 12x


derived from quartz or flint and is a mineral present in the earth’s crust.

Thuja occidentalis 12x

(Arbor vita)

evergreen coniferous tree, in the cypress family Cupressaceae, which is native to eastern Canada and much of the north, central and upper Northeastern United States.