TEA-PRO Wound Spray 16 oz

Healing Tree

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Tea-Pro Equine Wound Spray This easy-to-use product works with your horse’s natural defenses in the healing and treatment of open wounds, lacerations, cuts, sores in the mouth from bits or teeth problems and other wounds involving the skin and underlying dermal tissue layers. » Non-Irritating & Non-Stinging » No Alcohol Smell or Sting » Nature’s Best Antiseptics » Nature’s Most Effective Healing Agents » Rapid-Acting » Can be Used Directly on Open Wounds » Promotes Rapid Healing » All Natural   Tea-Pro® is a rapid-acting, non messy/non-greasy healing spray utilizing nature’s most effective remedies, including Tea Tree Oil, Comfrey, Myrrh, Goldenseal and Aloe Vera. It covers the wound area without thickly coating the wound like an ointment does. The thick coating of a wound area with ointments or salves can actually retard the healing process by essentially ‘blocking’ rapid cell growth as the body tries to heal the wound. Our solution does not ‘oc- cupy the space’, so to speak, like an ointment does where new tissue growth and healing should be occurring. This unique formula works wonders on all types of wounds and, just as importantly, does not sting.

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